Wednesday, December 26, 2012


:) bermadah kan tajuk hari ni....? hehehehhee..
yerla...sape pernah dgr jenama DURALEX ni??
saye dgr dari zaman2 saye kecik2 dulu...mak saye sibuk beli n kumpul koleksi pinggan mangkuk duralex ni...dia beli dari Singapore...
ermmm..dulu thun 80an...90an..duit singapore lagi rendah dari duit kite..
so mmg best la soping kat pon x berape igt zaman tu umur dlam 6-7 thun...ikut mak gi Singapore shopping pinggan mangkuk..
mmg banyak la set duralex ni...mak kate nk wat kenduri kendara...

bile dah besorr tua tau..DURALEX ni mmg pinggan berkualiti tinggi...dah lame dah established...and made in France...pendek kata...mmg DURALEX ni DULU, KINI DAN SELAMANYA...hehehhe evergreen... :)

ni link utk sape2 nak cari set-set koleksi dari DURALEX kat kedai kami k...

sy share serba sedikit info tentang DURALEX ni....
saye amik dr website dia...

For many of us, Duralex is a magical name which tells the story of childhood with little embossed numbers found at the bottom of canteen tumblers, we all played with during lunchtime.
But it is also much more than this…
Saint-Gobain creates on June 6, 1945 the brand Duralex to produce tempered glass objects for tableware.
This moulded, tempered glass that proved to be practically unbreakable took the form of the emblematic "Gigogne" tumbler of Duralex brand in 1946.
The history of Duralex brand was born, and the presence of these tumblers in daily life would be remembered by generations of school children due to the number of the mould from 1 to 48 engraved on the bottom. A legend was born.
Today over 250 references in 4 colours, make up the Duralex offer: glasses and tumblers, plates and dishes, complete tableware sets and accessories.
Duralex brand has a bright future, and by using its history it will write new pages about cuisine and tableware throughout the world.

Technical definition :
The tempering operation consists of brutal cooling by ventilation through cold air on the glass product, which was preliminary brought to a temperature of 700°C. This treatment creates in the glass constraints that improve most of its physical properties : resistance to mechanical constraints (flexion, shocks) and thermal shocks.
The product is 2,5 times more resistant than a standard glass.
Tempered glass can resist a thermal shock of 130°C, while classical glass breaks from a thermal shock at about 40°C. Tempered glass conserves the optical and acoustic properties of each basic product. After being tempered, the glass can no longer be recut or reshaped. Slight deformations may be observed after tempering which are inherent to the manufacturing process.
Assets :
Shock resistantThermal shock resistantDishwasher safe
Microwave safe

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